Sanetra Logno- Marione, Huma Blanco

Where do you find inspiration?

Online / Travel / Art

One of the main sources I get inspired by for fashion is Pinterest - street fashion. But I will say I don't really try to seek for a trend or anything.

I mostly go by how I feel and what the weather is like that day, because the cold is not my thing and I like to be comfortable and warm at all times.

Instagram is another thing I get lost in as I lay on the couch strolling through feeds of Solange and @stellasimona @_chicadeoro @Budyy_lembeck to list a few.

How does your work influence your style and vice versa?

My work is Unravel Co, modeling and photography. Most clients I work with have some form of sustainable or ethical standard. Which definitely flows into my wardrobe and shopping habits. Let me tell you, it used to be really bad. Purchasing for every occasion and it could only be the sales rack. But not anymore!

Earlier this year, I've downsized to a 420 square-foot studio with my husband and feline friend, there's no way I could continue those habits living here. Once I learned more about the fashion impact on our planet, a shift happened and I decided to get rid of a lot to invest in staple/classic/timeless pieces.

I'm always attending an event or out and about with friends co-working so I have to make sure that I'm wearing something versatile from work to an event or hangout. Layering and bringing options in my car is a definite for me. There's moments I end up with a second closet in my car. You just never know, you know? :)

 Sanetra Logno, Photography - Huma Blanco

What are your routines for getting ready for the day?

7:30am wake up.
First, I read the word of the day with the hubs. 
Second, check the weather. As I mentioned earlier, this lady does not like a cold breeze touching this bare skin. Unless I'm prepared for it. 
Third, turn on some music to get the vibe going so I don't stay in bed for too happens I'm human. 
Fourth, make some tea or start breakfast to stuff my face or'll meet Sangry :D 
Peeking at emails happens somewhere in there. 
Hygiene stuff then wardrobe based on the outdoors and my feelings. All my bottoms are either high-waisted or culottes. I only have a pair of black low-rise and dark wash skinnies. No fan of skinnies here. 
My outfit should be based on shoes I want to wear because that always seems to be the issue once I've decided on the outfit. 
Also, I despise tight clothing. Unless I'm going on a date night with the hubs or it's hot as heck outdoors and I wear a thin, breathable cotton leotard with shorts or high waisted flowy pants. 
Then the grand finale, choosing my bag I'll be using. Sometimes I bring 2, one that's more useful for errands and the other for style purposes when meeting friends or attending an event later that evening. 
Last, write my to do list for the day then off I go.

What are some of your favorite Austin spots?

Josephine House - Lemon Ricotta pancakes are to die for and sacrifice your diet. 
Michi Ramen - because it's the best in Austin 
Mandola's - Italian 
ARO - because of their amazing selection of goodies 
Zilker Park to hammock with the hubs and lay out a few hours before the sunset to read 
Justine's - favorite fancy spot 
Tillery - plant lover 
Violet Crown - nice setting, food/drinks and a movie 
Barbs aka Barbarella's - dance my butt off kind of spot 
Lago Vista - to get away from the city and relax to a beach-like setting 
CU29 - amazing cocktails 
There's so much more. But I'll stop there.

Who is your #1 style icon?

Tracee Ellis Ross, because why not. She's amazing and takes risks.


Craftsmanship is at the heart of each pair of Huma Blanco shoes.

Huma Blanco is a footwear brand, designed and handmade in Lima, Peru. The line was born of an appreciation for the simple luxury of Peruvian hides and textiles, along with a goal to sustain long-term jobs for shoemakers in its designer's home country.

The raw beauty of these Peruvian materials - such as suede, alpaca and calf hair - inspires the designer, Adriana Crocco. Crocco works with them using natural dyes, or leaving them in their pure form. The line fuses classic silhouettes with interesting construction and unexpected textures.


The Designer

Huma Blanco is created by Adriana Crocco, a third-generation shoemaker and designer based in Lima. Her Peruvian and Italian shoemaking heritages have led Adriana to an appreciation for quality of materials and construction.

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