Madi Reimer



How does living Minnesota influence your style?

Oh gosh. The winters are long and cold so I tend to only want to wear cozy things Dec-March. April comes around and is either still snowy or the grass is turning green and all I want to wear is dresses every day. Over the summer it's very humid, so anything that doesn't have me really wearing anything skin-tight is a win! So. Many. Dresses. and mules and sandals! Fall is really fun too because of all the vibrant colors of nature- you want to match the world around you. You have to be prepared for four completely different seasons to live in Minnesota, so it keeps my wardrobe exciting.


What are your routines for getting ready for the day?

I have a very luxurious skin care routine, make a smoothie bowl or eggs, and sit at my kitchen table and work on my computer the majority of the day for a Non Profit. 



Where do you find inspiration?

Women I admire and look up to, like @TaylrAnne, @TarahKreutz, @Fancytreehouse. But at the end of every day, I need to be wearing something that inspires me and feels like a reflection of who I am.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

I love brands that are doing things sustainable and ethically. My favs are Ace & Jig, Kotn, Jesse Kamm, Girlfriend, Tribe Alive, anything vintage, Levis, Esby Apparel.
What are some of your favorite travel destinations?
Palm Springs, Hawaii, really anywhere where there is an ocean or dry desert heat are my favorite places to go.


Flats or heels?
Mules and Chunky heels!