Lauren Kirby


Lauren Kirby - Huma Blanco 

How does your work influence your style and vice versa?

Working in fashion allows you to dress freely which makes it much easier to evolve your style and be inspired by (and to inspire) your surroundings. I’m constantly looking for inspiration for work, and in doing so, I’m testing different outfits and limits with my style. And, of course, I’m inspired by my work environment and the people I work with and all the different styles we have.

What are some of your favorite Austin spots?

Justine’s, Kinda Tropical, Launderette & my neighborhood, Deep Eddy, esby (work!)

 Lauren Kirby - Antonia, Huma Blanco

How does living in Austin influence your style?

I moved here from Michigan so my style has gone from layering as much as possible to figuring out how to showcase my style with minimal layers. I would say the easy attitude of Austin has also influenced the way I dress.

Flats or heels? 

They both have a time and a place. I can’t just choose one!

Antonia - Huma Blanco