Hallie Brewer, artist - Huma Blanco

Where do you find inspiration?

Travel inspires me greatly. It takes me away from my norm and forces me to be present and attentive. Spending time with other creatives is also important. Sharing ideas or stories helps to generate new ideas or develop existing ones.

How does your work influence your style and vice versa?

I think there's a lot of editing that happens in both my work and in my style. I'm always trying to reach a balance and a harmony that I'm happy with. I wouldn't say one influences the other, but they both serve as expressions of my point of view.

 Hallie Brewer Art - Huma Blanco


What are your routines for getting ready for the day?

I love the morning. It's so essential to setting a tone for the day. It usually goes like this : Coffee with husband, breakfast, vitamin intake (there's a lot), 20 minutes of yoga/meditation, writing and day planning, find an outfit suitable for the day.

What are some of your favorite Austin spots?

Bufalina Due, Better Half, Texas French Bread, Laguna Gloria, Take Heart, Casa de Luz, Deep Eddy

America mule by Hallie Brewer - Huma Blanco


Who are some of your favorite designers?

I have great admiration for the designers that continuously blur the lines between art and design. To name a few, Faye Toogood, Max Lamb, Stefan Sagmeister, Bruno Munari, Rei Kawakubo

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Craftsmanship is at the heart of each pair of Huma Blanco shoes.

Huma Blanco is a footwear brand, designed and handmade in Lima, Peru. The line was born of an appreciation for the simple luxury of Peruvian hides and textiles, along with a goal to sustain long-term jobs for shoemakers in its designer's home country.

The raw beauty of these Peruvian materials - such as suede, alpaca and calf hair - inspires the designer, Adriana Crocco. Crocco works with them using natural dyes, or leaving them in their pure form. The line fuses classic silhouettes with interesting construction and unexpected textures.

Adriana Crocco - Our designer

The Designer

Huma Blanco is created by Adriana Crocco, a third-generation shoemaker and designer based in Lima. Her Peruvian and Italian shoemaking heritages have led Adriana to an appreciation for quality of materials and construction.

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