Ana Davidson



How do you describe your personal style?

I’m a commercial stylist so at work I’m forced to dress for the most extreme outdoor environment I’ll be in that day. Off the job, anything goes. Right now I’m wearing a lot of things I wore when I was twelve with color palettes inspired by the Cremaster series. When I’m not working I love to indulge whatever fantasy I’m tapped into in the moment. If I think about it, that definitely happens on the job too. I just wrapped a music video where I dressed an Americana artist as a Soundcloud rapper for a visual gag. There came a point where we both looked down and realized we were matching and it made me laugh. The point is to enjoy myself so I don’t take any of it too seriously.

What are your routines for getting ready for the day?

Routines don’t work for me because my schedule is different every day. Instead, I put my energy into the two things I need before I can leave the house: my coffee and my styling gear. I like to overload my coffee with yummy powders and energy supplements since that ends up being my main form of self-care throughout my twelve hour day. Organic maca, Anandamide from Sun Potion and Gaia Golden Milk are three of my favorites.




Where do you find inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from the collaborative process of styling. Especially when I’m working with a team I really love. For solo projects I get inspiration from spending time with friends, travel, being outside, my home environment and from different media - photos, movies, magazines, etc.

How does living in Austin influence your style?

I definitely think being born and raised here contributes to my ‘free to be’ attitude about style because in Austin we do our own thing. We also embrace color and print and I love to experiment with both. The only thing I can’t seem to come to terms with is the heat. I like to feel complete freedom when it comes to getting dressed and working or playing in 100+ degrees can be incredibly prohibitive. Once I discovered Outdoor Voices, dressing for our hot climate actually became less of an issue. Their apparel is my only saving grace on days where I have to work outside.



What are some of your favorite Austin spots?

In the spring: a wall of blooming Jasmine. In the fall: a backyard bonfire. Year round: Barton Springs, Deep Eddy, the hike and bike trail, my absurdly fancy gym with a dry sauna and a steam room, June’s All-day, Casa de Luz and Bouldin Creek Cafe.