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Huma Blanco is a handmade leather accessory brand inspired, designed and produced in the largest handmade factory in Lima, Peru.

What we believe

We believe that the creative process is intimately entwined with the artistic process of making our products. It is while sitting on the shoemaker's stool that our designs take shape and we start to build a story that we are eager to tell the world.

Our Shoemakers

Our shoemakers are a vital part of the entire process and integral to the Huma Blanco brand. The shoemakers have grown with us and we recognize and cherish the work they put in to making our products. They are our strength. They are what makes our products so special. By creating our brand and showcasing it to the world, we celebrate our shoemakers craft and make them proud of what they do.

How We Source

All of our materials, especially our leathers, are of the highest quality and are mainly sourced locally. Most of our suppliers have been working with us since the beginning; we knew then that in order to grow our brand we needed to grow with them. Together we work with our suppliers in order to develop customized materials such as leather and heels; these innovations help to create our story. Every season is a new chapter we are eager to write and to show to the outside world.